“Chai” School Highlights

What an exciting time to be a part of TAI “Chai”!

Beginning in 2014, students participate in a completely new format!

TAI Chai School is comprised of two components:

  • Talk Time with Rabbi
  • The Jewish Projects Experience

During Talk Time with the Rabbi hour each student has the opportunity to engage in a lively conversation central to topics of Jewish life and becoming a Jewish adult. The topics range from life cycle events to making choices to what make Judaism different from other religions. This is a time where the students’ opinion matters!

The ‘Jewish Projects Experience’ is about students taking charge of what interests them in Judaism and participating in group self – directed projects.

  • Students brainstorm and choose, as a group, an aspect of Jewish life that they want to learn more about and decide on an outcome (creating and posting a YouTube video, writing a play, creating a newspaper for the religious school and even painting a mural on a religious school hallway wall.)
  • Centered around their chosen topic, students then discuss the steps needed to achieve their goal, and with the help of the adult facilitators they move forward through the project.
  • The year culminates in a school wide TAI Chai presentation in honor of Yom Ha’Atzmaut and then a street fair created by and implemented by the TAI Chai students for the rest of TAI Religious School.


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