Refugee Settlement Project

This year we also are undertaking a major project: We are co-sponsoring a refugee family.

TAI, with Kentucky Refugee Ministries, is co-sponsoring a Congolese family: John and Christine, and their children Savant, Bless and Joyce. We are helping to welcome them to Lexington and to smooth their transition. We will invite them into our homes for holidays, help to get them to appointments, and show them what is available to them here. Our first step is to provide furnishings and set up their apartment. See below for an updated list on what is still needed. If you have items to give, please contact the TAI office and we will coordinate pick-up.

Update: We have gotten so many donations we are now collecting for a second family. If there is something on the list you have already donated it is likely because we now need another one. Call Bruce Engel (338-7321 or 252-3734) if you have questions or want something picked up.

small kitchen table, preferably with chairs, though we will mix and match, if necessary
twin or adjustable bed frames
high chairs
living room chairs
1 bath mat
1 or 2 dressers
razors and shaving cream
feminine hygiene products
2 toilet brushes
small waste baskets
shower rod
shower curtain with liner and rings
1 table cloth
place mats
baking dishes
1 manual can opener
ironing board
baby products (baby wash, diapers, wipes, ointment, powder, towels and wash cloths)
paper, pens, pencils
light bulbs
vacuum cleaner
tape measure