About Us

Temple Adath Israel is a Reform Jewish congregation linked to a tradition of welcoming those searching for a community committed to honoring the dignity we all share as children of the one God by embracing these enduring Jewish values: AVODAH (Worship); TALMUD TORAH (Torah Study); TZEDEK (Social Justice); and KEHILAH (Community).

Our mission is to inspire our congregants’ Jewish engagement and to ensure a vibrant Jewish present and future by nurturing the many generations of our community. We share a commitment to the Reform Jewish foundational beliefs of furthering individual and communal spiritual growth, while recognizing a range of personal philosophies, practices and needs. We are the community center through which our families can celebrate faith, justice, and the blessings of family lives past, present, and future.

Our Vision

As an affiliate of the Reform Movement, Temple Adath Israel is committed to Reform Movement institutions and to the larger Jewish community including Eretz Yisrael. Our mission can only be fulfilled if we have an understanding of the philosophy upon which it depends. Our vision statement looks to a day when these four ideals are common words and understandings in the homes of our Temple membership:

Worship, Avodah:

Worship is the opportunity to join in inspirational religious services. We understand that the Jewish tradition experiences God through many diverse lenses. Temple Adath Israel provides an egalitarian atmosphere for religious expression, respecting every member’s spiritual journey. Worship is as proper in our homes as a family endeavor as it is as a congregational experience. Jewish ritual, a source of spiritual strength for individuals and for the congregation as a whole, sanctifies life’s joys and provides solace during life’s sorrows.

Torah Study, Talmud Torah:

Torah and its teachings are the foundation of our tradition. Our vision is to deepen our members’ understanding of Jewish text and tradition. Only through knowledge of our Jewish heritage can our community make informed, responsible choices in developing Jewish identities. The goal of Jewish education is to encourage lifelong learning of Judaism, its values and traditions by providing the highest quality educational programs for adults, teenagers and children.

Social Justice, Tzedek:

As individuals and as a congregation we pursue social justice, striving toward tikkun olam (to repair the world) through deeds of righteousness and loving-kindness. We encourage and create opportunities for our members to demonstrate our Jewish values, inspiring engagement in social action and social advocacy. Our collective social conscience mandates that we participate in healing the lives of our people and our community.

Community, Kehilah:

We strive always to be a warm, welcoming, inclusive and responsive community, offering comfort, joy, friendship and support to our members and their families. In addition, we hope to enrich and increase participation in personal and communal worship and enhance and broaden the Jewish content of each member’s daily life. Also important is our strong commitment to the larger community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, locally, nationally, around the world, especially Israel, linked to us through history, tradition and faith.