List of TAI Funds

The concept of contributing money to charity is as old as Judaism.  It is deeply a part of our religious tradition.  Aside from the annual campaigns for organized charities, there are a number of Temple Funds to which the congregation may contribute.  In moments of sorrow, as in moments of joy, we are prompted to give something of our own to a worthy cause. Following is a list of Temple funds which have been established over the years.



TEMPLE BUILDING FUND  – To provide for the refurbishing and improvement of the Temple building.

HINENI-HERE I AM/GENERAL FUND – To support the day-to-day operation of the Temple and its services.

L’CHAIM FUND – To provide assistance to Temple members in time of need.

RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND – To be used at the discretion of the Rabbi for both educational and philanthropic purposes.

TZEDAKAH / SOCIAL ACTION FUND – To provide for charitable donations by the Temple at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

YOUTH EDUCATION FUND – To provide support for the Temple Religious School and Hebrew School.



(Created with a minimum gift of $25,000 to the Endowment Fund)

ADOLPH A & CELIA F. ABRAHAM MUSIC FUND – Supports the music library and sponsors programs of Jewish music.

ANITA & HAROLD BAKER MUSIC TRUST FUND – Provides monies for programs and/or activities related to cultural and educational projects.

BLOOMFIELD FAMILY FUND – Provides support for the position of programmer.

JAYNE BOLOTIN MEMORIAL FUND -Provides for permanent improvements to the Temple property and facilities.

CENTENNIAL FUND – Originally established to support activities of the 100th  Anniversary celebration, the fund now supports the General Fund of the Temple.

ENRICHMENT FUND – Provides for operating expenses in accordance with the Temple’s annual budget.

IRVING A. GAIL MEMORIAL FUND – Purchases and maintains Jewish art and art objects for the Temple.

GERSON FAMILY FUND – Provide for the needs, acquisitions, and expenditures required to provide services by, but not limited to, architects, artists, engineers, and contractors whose services may be required toward the betterment of the Temple.

DR. VICTORIA GREENBERG RABBINICAL INTERN FUND – Provides funding in support of Rabbinical Intern.

MAURICE HYMSON ADULT EDUCATION FUND – Supports Adult Education programming of the Temple.  Encourages the selection of speakers from Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati.

SHELDON (COKIE) HYMSON FUND – Provides the Library Committee support to purchase furnishings and any technological needs of the library as well as a CPA review and systematization of Temple finances that will enable, going forward, regular audits, and future Temple audits.

MAURICE KAUFMANN ADULT PROGRAMMING FUND – Supports the programs dealing with Jewish subjects or other topics for the general adult education of the Temple congregation.

CINDY JENNINGS KLINE MEMORIAL FUND – Provides assistance to the Temple Adath Israel Caring Connections Committee in providing goods, meals and services to the Temple community. Donations from families served and those seeking to provide care will sustain this Fund for years to come.

ARTHUR & MARILYN LIEBER BOARD LEADERSHIP FUND – Provide an opportunity for elected officers and Board members to attend national and regional biennials and meetings of the Union of Reform Judaism enabling them to understand the aims, purposes, and programs of the Union and to broaden and strengthen their Jewish leadership.


MERSACK SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Provides opportunities for Temple Religious School teachers to attend workshops, such as those conducted by CAJE, HUC, and UAHC, in order to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom.

ROBERT S. MILLER FUND – Provides financial support for the community garden, managed by Temple members and their neighborhood partners.

DR. SHERMAN E. & FANNIE H. MILLER MEMORIAL FUND – Provides a means for participation in Jewish and Jewish related activities by Temple members, especially the youth of the Temple.

MUSIC AND WORSHIP PROGRAM FUND – Supports music and worship at Temple Adath Israel.


OUTREACH PROGRAM FUND – Provides programming funds intended to boost membership in Temple Adath Israel.

ROSE FAMILY FUND – Provides for those needs, acquisitions and expenditures deemed worthwhile by the TAI Board of Trustees to promote and further the existence of TAI and its members.

ROSENSTEIN FAMILY FUND – Provides a means for Temple members, with special emphasis on young children and youth, to participate in Jewish and Jewish-related activities.

BETTY ROSENTHAL RABBINIC CHAIR FUND – Provides support for the employment of a Rabbi.

RICKY ROZEN MEMORIAL FUND – Funds annual Confirmation class gift to Temple.

BOB & LARRY SCHER MEMORIAL FUND – Provides a means for the participation in the Annual March of the Living in the State of Israel, in Poland, or elsewhere, or other educational travel to the State of Israel.

SKULLER-COHEN-CEREL FUND – Provides support for the Temple Religious School.


DAVID, RUTH AND AL SOMMER SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Provide financial aid to Jewish students continuing their Jewish education via Jewish Camp, youth group, college, graduate school studies, or continuing education courses.

TIKUUN OLAM FUND – Provides support for social action.


WURMSER FAMILY FUND – Provides support for the TAI kitchen by funding the acquisition of cookware and equipment.  Provides support for TAI Social Action Committee operations and programs.