Adult Jewish Growth

As education is a core value of Judaism, the mission of the Adult Jewish Growth Committee is to facilitate intellectual and cultural exploration among the Temple’s adult members. This growth is meant to develop the individual’s understanding of Judaism in all its aspects, including culture, history, religion, and contemporary issues, and to strengthen bonds within the Temple, with other Jewish organizations, and with the larger Lexington community. The Committee works to achieve these goals by organizing talks, classes, and performances, and when appropriate, working with other TAI committees and outside organizations.

In 2012-2013, activities sponsored by the committee included Torah study (which has studied Tanakh page-by-page for almost twenty years) and Joe Engleberg’s Kollel study group, which discusses non-biblical texts covering such topics as spirituality, belief, and ethics; these meet on alternate Saturday mornings. The committee also organized Friday night, post-Oneg talks by speakers on different topics, brought the Cincinnati Klezmer Project to TAI for an evening of Klezmer and Israeli song and dance, and the Rabbi taught classes on a range of topics.