Our Leadership

“A community is too heavy for anyone to carry alone.”

Our Temple community is carried by many helpers- our Board, our committees, and our numerous volunteers who support various projects and events. The Board of Trustees is an all-volunteer enterprise of men and women who give their time and effort to the Temple because they know that their work is vital in achieving a well-run and effective Temple community. We rely on their energy, commitment and expertise to keep our Temple going. The Board members are the stewards of our community.

Similarly, our committees are composed of hard-working volunteers who know that what they do is of great importance to the functioning of the Temple. They give their members a better understanding of the goals, accomplishments and the challenges of the Temple. Committee work is good training for future leadership positions. The Temple relies heavily on the work of our all-volunteer committees and they are greatly appreciated.

Board and committees working together are the lifeblood of TAI.

Come, join a committee. Help carry our community.

Executive Officers 2016-2017

President Jonathan Miller
1st Vice Pres. Deborah Nelson
2nd Vice Pres. Lou Bograd
Treasurer Charlie Crouch
Secretary Michael Marx
Past President Pat Shraberg

Board of Trustees 2016-2017

2017 Ben Baker
2019 Jo Belin
2019 Ann Buckholtz
2019 Jan Cerel
2017* Rick Clewett
2017* Cathy Concors
2017 Linda Dechtenberg
2017* Diamond, Scott
2018 Amy Messer
2018 Lowell Nigoff
2018 Kim Rosenstein
2018 Samye Miller Stith
2019 Jo Stone
2019 Elissa Weinstein
2018 Rebecca Young
Brotherhood Tom Brennan
JFB Rep. Mickey Hernandez
Rabbi David Wirtschafter
Administrator John McDonald
Youth Ed. Dir. Susie Magill
PreSchool Dir. Katherine Henry

*serving out a term for a retired officer