From Turnov to TAI

                                                 5780 Our Year of Torah: 
                                           Celebrating our Commitment to Each Other


Oct. 22, 2019
Simchat Torah

Oct. 25-27, 2019
Torah Rededication Celebration
Write a Letter to Complete the Scroll
  Torah Study led by Sofer Neil Yerman
  Program about Turnov


Nov. 16, 2019
Hymson Congregational Dinner
Kickoff:  A Year of Talking About Torah and the Restored Portions
                                                 Parsha Vayera: The Sacrifice of Isaac

Opportunities Throughout the Year
  Shabbat or Havdalah parshot dinners in congregants’ homes (details on Page 5)
           Ongoing series of Chavurah dinners
           One-night-only dinners
Torah on Tap (details to come)


Feb. 8, 2020
Hebrew Union College Lecture Series at TAI: 
      “The Importance of Text in Jewish Public and Private Life,”
       Dr. Jordan Finkin, Rare Book and Manuscript Librarian at HUC, Cincinnati Campus

Feb. 14, 2020
Rose Rita Wurmser Oneg

October 2020, Simchat Torah
Hymson Congregational Dinner
Details to come

Vazot Habracah: And this is the Blessing!

                       Torah Restoration Weekend at TAI              
Friday, Oct. 25 – Sunday, Oct. 27

Friday, Oct. 25
6-7 p.m.                 Sofer scribing
7 p.m.                    Shabbat service
7:45 p.m.               Shabbat oneg and
                              “Photographic History of Turnov” by Dr. Randall Roorda

Saturday, Oct. 26
11 a.m.                  Torah study led by Sofer Yerman

Sunday, Oct. 27
9-10 a.m.               Sofer scribing
11 a.m.-noon         Sofer scribing – Religious School families
Noon-12:30 p.m.   Bagel break
12:30-1:30 p.m.     Sofer scribing – Religious School families
1:30 p.m.               Rededication of the Holocaust Scroll